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Vintage Sari Outfit


Product Code: VINJ4

Manufacturer: MEC4D


Technical Details
  • Brand Name: Mec4D
  • 1 Personal License : To use in Personal Hobby Rendered Artwork Only ( 1 Person License )
  • 1 Commercial License : To use in Personal Commercial Rendered Artwork Only ( 1 Person License )
  • 1 3D Gane-3D printing Personal License : To use in Personal Commercial Rendered Artwork , 3D Game or 3D Printing ( 1 Person License ) For more than one License Bundle  please contact Mec4D Staff 
  • Created to use with Daz 3D Model: Genesis
  • Item Package Quantity: 1 zip files
  • Hardware Platform: PC/MAC For Daz Studio  4.5 and DSON for Poser9/2012 or Octane Standalone or via Plugin
  • File Size: 179 MB

Product Features

  • Indian Vintage Sari Outfit for Genesis and DAZ Studio 4.0 and 4.5 is total new way of making products by Mec4D's Cath Harders and also debut in clothing design for DS
  • This product include complete outfit , with clothing, shoes, hair so what you need is just your model to play the role in this excellent outfit for Genesis
  • All textures and fabric was hand made and painted in a very realistic way, All models was created in Zbrush 4R4 with topology for animation
  • All figures include also lower Base geometries , if you run on PC or Mac that is slower as Dual Core, you can switch to low resolution while posing and switch back to higher for the best render quality .


  • 1 x Head Scarf Model
  • 1 x Hair Set Model
  • 1 x Sari Scarf Model
  • 1 x Top Shirt Model
  • 1 x Long Skirt Model
  • 1 x Vintage Shoes Model
  • 1 x Mini hair decoration Model
  • 95 xTextures and Optional Colors included 
  • DAZ Studio (DS) Material Presets to Aplly All options
  • color palette and options :
        7 x Black
        7 x Blue
        7 x Black Golden
        7 x Golden
        7 x Original Rose
        7 x  White
        7 x Purple
        7 x Orange
        7 x Sea Green
        7 x  Red
        7 x Hair textures
        7 x Specular maps
        7 x Normal Maps



  1.  When you start loading your character, start from the hair , then add the hair decor and fit to the hair
  2. When you load next the skirt do after the Sari Scarf and make it fit to the skirt , remember about the layer, the above layers always for to the bellow , and bellow layers fit to genesis
  3. Also the Head Scarf need to fit to the hair and not genesis  , Only the Top Shirt , Shoes and the Long Skirt Fit To Genesis directly 
  4. You will find Clothing, Shoes and Hair, in the Genesis/Clothing category under Vintage Sari Folder
  5. You will find the all materials in the Genesis/Materials  category under Vintage Sari folder 
  6. Select before each of the clothing part before you add the material
  7. You can change the metalic color by selecting the figure and under Surface Tab change just the specular color and nothing else to desired color reflection or leave it white for no reflections 
  8. If you would like to have real reflection in place of specular , just use the specular maps in the reflection node and change the color to desired metal like gold, silver ....
  9. be sure you have at last one light with specular int he scene , spot, direct or point light no matter as long there is specular ON, you you get the beautiful effect 
  10. Sometimes the Scarf replace the hair, just click the Undo and the Hair will return back  together with the scarf ( just in case )
  11.  If you have any issues please write to office at mec4d.com
  12. please install the file in any My Library and the Textures under Main Runtime folder under My Library

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