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The Huntsman- Combo


Product Code: THEWNEDN70

Manufacturer: MEC4D


Technical Details
  • Brand Name: Mec4D
  • 1 Personal License : To use in Personal Hobby Rendered Artwork Only ( 1 Person License )
  • 1 Commercial License : To use in Personal Commercial Rendered Artwork Only ( 1 Person License )
  • 1 3D Gane-3D printing Personal License : To use in Personal Commercial Rendered Artwork , 3D Game or 3D Printing ( 1 Person License ) For more than one License Bundle  please contact Mec4D Staff 
  • Created to use with Daz 3D Model: Genesis
  • Item Package Quantity: 1 zip files
  • Hardware Platform: PC/MAC For Daz Studio  4.5 and DSON for Poser9/2012 or Octane Standalone or via Plugin
  • File Size: 204 MB

Product Feature

  • The Huntsman is a new full character set vision for Genesis , Mec4D celebrating 15 Years in 3D business and here is the first of new year complete creation including , Hair, full body morph, clothing, weapons and accessories , you will not need to add anything else as this set is complete and ready to transfer your Genesis base into unique fantasy character in second , as easy as click and ready to go . The Huntsman is first of the full sets character on the market created by Mec4D for You . You will be not disappointed ....

Product File List

  • Transmapped Hair- Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
  • 3D Fiber Beard -Figure  ( .DUF . CR2 )
  • Shirt - Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
  • Boots - Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
  • Jacket - Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
  • Gloves- Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
  • Dagger Straps- Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
  • Dagger- Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
  • Pants- Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
  • Tobacco Bag- Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
  • Arrow holder with Arrows- Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
  • Single Arrow- Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
  • Belt with Compas- Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
  • Dragon Head Hair Decor- Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
  • Bow with Arrow- Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
  • Actor character with textured head-neck ( DUF . CR2 )
  • High Resolution Load all set ( DUF . CR2 )
  • Low Resolution Load all set ( DUF. CR2 )
  • Character, Hair ,Weapons ,Clothing Textures : Color, Specular, Normals etc.. for all clothing in 4096px High Resolution and 2048px in Low Resolution
  • DAZ Studio 4.5 (DS) Material Presets to Aplly All options and DSON Materials and CR2 to use with Poser9 and Poser 2012 


  • Beard Morph- Shorter Longer
  • Full Body Morph 
  • Clothing are setup on Auto Follow any Genesis Shape


  1. The transmapped Hair have in front 3 layers, they first 2 are set off for the more mascualine hair line , but you can set the opacity back to 100% if you want to use on female shape as they are modeled as unisex style 
  2. Make sure that the Jacket is conform to Genesis with collision with the Shirt , and the glove's straps conform to genesis with collision to the gloves etc.. layered clothing need to colide always with the clothing bellow but fit to genesis .
  3. If your PC is slow load the lower resolution set first to avoid shoping viewport , both resolution do not affect the rendering time but only the view port 
  4. You will find Clothing, in the Genesis/Clothing category under Mec4D you will find there also all color and material options
  5. Daz Studio User: Load first Genesis to the scene , next add all clothing and accessories at once using the included preset , this way you will not make mistake what should be FIT to , if you machine is slow you can use the DSON files from the Poser My Library it will load faster and render faster , plus you can load full clothing set at once using the Low resolution or the high resolution DUF or CR2
  6. Poser Users: Load first the all clothing preset , then add Genesis to the scene and conform the clothing one by one 
  7. All renders was created in Daz Studio 4.5 with Uber Light, without additional light 
  8. If you have any issues please write to office at mec4d.com or visit the forum at http://forum.mec4d.com 
  9. Please install the file in any My Library and the Textures under Main Runtime folder under My Library no matter you are DS or Poser user as all files need to go into the My Library of Genesis or DSON Genesis Core

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