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Product Code: T-ONF01A89

Manufacturer: MEC4D

Technical Details
  • Brand Name: Mec4D
  • 1 Personal License : To use in Personal Hobby Rendered Artwork Only ( 1 Person License )
  • 1 Commercial License : To use in Personal Commercial Rendered Artwork Only ( 1 Person License )
  • 1 3D Gane-3D printing Personal License : To use in Personal Commercial Rendered Artwork , 3D Game or 3D Printing ( 1 Person License ) For more than one License Bundle  please contact Mec4D Staff 
  • Created to use with HIVEWIRE 3D Model: DAWN
  • Item Package Quantity: 1 zip files
  • Hardware Platform: PC/MAC For Daz Studio  4.5 +
  • File Size: COMING SOON
  • Promo Images: Rendered in Daz Studio 4.6 Pro No Postworked

Product Feature

  • T-others for HiveWire3D Dawn model , this package include 40 unique morphs for the teeth , you can mix them together for more variations , also use the negative values for other look .
  • Poser version is in production and will be released soon .

Product File List

  • 40.dsf Morph files 


  • 40 Teeth Morph following the shapes of Dawn


  1. To use the morphs load first Dawn to the scene and select Dawn in the scene Tab , next go to Shaep Tab or Propotions Tab and select Shapes/Morphs/Head/Mouth/Teeth  all morphs are listed under the Teeth Category
  2. If you have any issues please write to office at mec4d.com or visit the forum at http://forum.mec4d.com 


  1. Please install the file in  My Library where you installed Dawn as this morphs need to be placed in the same My Library , the final Path location should looks like that : DAZ 3DStudioMy LibrarydataHiveWire 3DDawnBaseMorphsMEC4DT-Others
  2. After instalation reload Dawn in the scene 

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