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Miss Wendy V4.2

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Product Code: MIS63

Warning: Preview Renders include Nudity

INJ REM system for the Head Morphs Included.

Miss Wendy Poser character for Victoria 4.2 Base,

Age: 19, Ethnicity: Caucasian white , born in east Europe

File size: 68.00 MB with more that 19 high resolution textures and Poser character with custom morph and materials.

1) Product Name : Miss Wendy for Victoria 4.2 base

a) Ownership Statement:
All of this product's content was created by Mec4D's Catharina Harders
2) Author name : Mec4D

3) Product Description :

    * Texture set for Daz3D Victoria 4.2 base
    * Poser Character with custom morph
    * 1 Poser7 Scenes with HDR Light for Portrait
      Readme & License
Miss Wendy a new textures by Catharina Harders render wonderful in any light situation
thanks to Phthon scripts included in this package, please read bellow this readm me for more info.

4) System Requirements :PC/MAC, Daz3D's Victoria 4.2 Base , Poser 6, 7 or Pro ( note; Poser6 or 5 not allow you to render HDRLightprobes you can still use regular IBL in Daz Studio the material would be simple as in Poser4)


Files list

a). 6 x Color Texture Maps : RuntimeTexturesCatharina_TexturesMiss_Wendy_V4Color_Maps
b). 3 x Bump Maps : RuntimeTexturesCatharina_TexturesMiss_Wendy_V4Bump_maps
c). 1 x Transparent Maps : RuntimeTexturesCatharina_TexturesMiss_Wendy_V4Trans_Maps
d). High Resolution Sphere Prop: RuntimeLibrariesPropsPrimitives
e). 1 Poser 7 or Poser pro scenes with HDR Light: RuntimeMec4dP7_scenes
f). Lightprobe HDR: RuntimeTexturesCatharina_TexturesMiss_Wendy_V4Lightprobe
g). ReadMe and Licene : RuntimeTexturesCatharina_TexturesMiss_Wendy_V4ReadMe&License
h). Materials for Miss Wendy : RuntimeLibrariesMaterialsMec4D MaterialsMiss Wendy V4
i). CR2 character Miss Wendy : RuntimeLibrariesCharacterMec4DMiss Wendy V4
j). Mec4D Python Scripts : RuntimePythonposerscriptsWacrosUserDefined
k). Python Read Me and Licene : RuntimePythonposerscriptsWacrosUserDefinedMec4D-script_ReadMe&License
l.) 3 x Mask SSS Maps : RuntimeTexturesCatharina_TexturesMiss_Wendy_V4Mask_maps
M.) 3 x Specular Maps : RuntimeTexturesCatharina_TexturesMiss_Wendy_V4Specular_maps

 Python Scripts for Poser 7 and Poser Pro ( Poser 5 and Poser 6 do not allow you to render HDR Lightprobes )

You will find 3 scripts that change the Diffuse Color in your Poser Surface , 

1. Set all to Gray : Use this script with Mec4D HDR light sets or any other HDR IBL Light
2. Set all to Half Grey: Use this script for scenes in Poser4 to Poser Pro where you use Infinite Light without HDR IBL
3. Set all to white: use this script for rendering scenes at Night without HDR or Infinite Light set, good for spot lights and point Lights.

Now just a click and the work is done thanks to this new scripts.

Happy Rendering!



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