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Product Code: MARE2LWZ17

Manufacturer: MEC4D


Technical Details
  • Brand Name: Mec4D
  • 1 Personal License : To use in Personal Hobby Rendered Artwork Only ( 1 Person License )
  • 1 Commercial License : To use in Personal Commercial Rendered Artwork Only ( 1 Person License )
  • 1 3D Gane-3D printing Personal License : To use in Personal Commercial Rendered Artwork , 3D Game or 3D Printing ( 1 Person License ) For more than one License Bundle  please contact Mec4D Staff 
  • Created to use with Daz 3D Model: Genesis
  • Item Package Quantity: 1 zip files
  • Hardware Platform: PC/MAC For Daz Studio  4.5 and DSON for Poser9/2012 or Octane Standalone or via Plugin
  • File Size: 147 MB

Product Feature

  • Marcus Antonius Outfit & Props set for Genesis , Set include, Helmet, Feather Helmet, Tunic, Chest Armor, Cape-Peleryna, Arms Braces, Limbs Shield Panels, Sandal-Boots, Shield, Spear, Clothing include a lot of additional textures and materials 57 Mats that allow you to create different look of the outfit and mix and match then together also fiting mostly all Genesis shapes , Male , Female, Child etc.. , Marcus Antonius Outfit are the most versatile product to date created by Mec4D . The Original sculptures was creted in Zbrush 4R5 with the count of 50 millions polygons, converted then to lower polygons with topology for animation then rigged to use in Daz Studio and Poser via DSON .

Product File List

  • Helmet ( .DUF . CR2 )
  • Helmet Feathers  ( .DUF . CR2 )
  • Tunic with Leather Strips ( .DUF . CR2 )
  • Chest Armor ( .DUF . CR2 )
  • Braces for Arms ( .DUF . CR2 )
  • Sandal-Boots  ( .DUF . CR2 )
  • Peleryna-Cape ( .DUF . CR2 )
  • Lombs Shield Panels( .DUF . CR2 )
  • Shield Smart Prop  ( .DUF . CR2 )
  • Spear Smart Prop  ( .DUF . CR2 )
  • Load All High resolution  ( .DUF . CR2 )
  • Load All Low resolution  ( .DUF . CR2 )
  • Clothing Textures : Color, Specular, Normals , Displacement, Opacity etc.. for all clothing and accesories to 4096px High Resolution
  • DAZ Studio 4.5 (DS) Material Presets to Aplly All options and DSON Materials and CR2 to use with Poser9 and Poser 2012 


  • Clothing are setup on Auto Follow any Genesis Shape


  1. You will find Clothing, in the Genesis/Clothing category under Mec4D you will find there also all color and material options
  2. All renders was created in Daz Studio 4.5 with Uber Light, without additional light but one specular light node , rendered in the last DS build
  3. If you have any issues please write to office at mec4d.com or visit the forum at http://forum.mec4d.com 
  4. Please install the file in any My Library and the Textures under Main Runtime folder under My Library no matter you are DS or Poser user as all files need to go into the My Library of Genesis or DSON Genesis Core

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