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MR1 for M4


Product Code: MER33

Manufacturer: MEC4D

License: Product can be used only as a part of commercial product
can't be used to create FREE products.

Zip File size: 28,2 MB  compression 100% JPG format file

If you are a texture creator this product is for you.

Merchant Resource M4 head textures include:

3 x color maps : Head | Face| Neck | Eyes- Color Gamma 1.00

3 x bump maps : Head | Face| Neck |Eyes- Grey Gamma 2.20

3 x specular maps : Head |Face |Neck|Eyes-Grey Gamma 2.20

eyelashes and inner mouth not included

please remember that this product is a RAW Merchant Resource

you can use this product in your commercial texture package

but you need to add your own personal touch.. the textures include original colors

as was in the photo rescource of the model and was not changed what allow you to change the skin tones of your need

while you create the rest of the body textures.

If you have any question please write to sales@mec4d.com

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