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HDR Megapack1


Product Code: HDRV15

File Size : 22.00 MB zip Win/Mac

Product Include :

  • 40 HDR IBL Light Sets for Poser7 Only
  • 40 HDR Light probes in OpenEXR format
  • 2 Poser7 Scenes with Atmosphere for the starters
  • OpenEXR is a high dynamic-range (HDR) image file format developed by Industrial Light & Magic for use in computer imaging applications.

Perfect HDR Light Sets with
Shadows-optional (can be set on or off)
Specular-optional (can be set on or off)
Sun Light-optional (can be set on or off)
HDR GI ( any changes in the material room beside the intensity not recommended) HDR Lightprobes are in OpenEXR format used by the Industrial Light & Magic
AO -optional (can be set on or off)

More About:

40 HDR Light probes created from minimal 3 Images total 120, HDR Tone mapped with a Photoreceptor
Very soft not over exposed  Light Sets , Lightprobes created using new style and technique by Catharina Harders
not used before in Poser community, very accurate Light regarding to the Light Probes.
your renders for animation would be rendered with COLOR SAFE mode great for for TV or DVD.
COLOR SAFE mode is very important if you are going to view your renders or animation on TV-DVD, over
exposed renders with the color values over 255 will create a problems on the TV screen, this light set
help you very much and make your work much more simple.
All Surfaces of the models rendered in the preview renders was set to R:127 G:127 B:127, setting the
intensity of the HDR IBL down create not
really good effect, setting the Diffuse Color to the Gray Scale works perfect in all situation as you see in
image above, even a simple surfaces without textures looks very realistic and perfect shaded out.

HDR MegaPack1 is part one , next part with Only Indoor Light probes coming soon.

You ask why the price is so low ? it is simple, the Lightprobes was created from max 3 panoramic converted images of a silver mirror ball , usual we use 7-8 images to create one Lightprobe cost much more work , time and space and b/c they are used together with a background image the sets are much more expensive, this HDR MegaPack1 can be used with background images or not, you have a free hand in usage of this product without limits.


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